Convert an attachment to a proof

Applies to

  • Enterprise


Who can use this capability

You must have at least Editor permissions to convert attachments to proofs. 

If you want to get approval for an asset you’ve already attached to a row, you can convert that asset to a proof and take advantage of Smartsheet’s proofing approval process. 

To convert a single attachment to a proof:

  1. On the right feature bar in your sheet, select Attachments
  2. On the item, you want to work with, select the More icon More icon in column header  and then select Convert to proof

To convert multiple attachments: 

  1. On the right feature bar in your sheet, select Attachments
  2. Select items you want to work with, then, at the top of the panel, select Actions.
  3. Select Convert to proof

You cannot edit proof descriptions. Make any changes before you convert the attachment. You can only convert row attachments to proofs, not sheet attachments. 

Converting image attachments to proofs 

  • You can convert one or more images to proofs. 
  • You can convert additional images, even if there are already proofs on the row. The new images will be added to the proof. 
  • You can mix image file types. It’s okay if they’re not all .jpg or .png files.
  • You can not mix non-image file types.  
  • If you convert an image attachment into a proof on a row that has a proof that is not an image, the image will become the latest version. The non-image file is stored as the previous version.

Converting non-image attachments to proofs

  • You can only convert one non-image file type (for example, a document) into a proof on the row. Multiple non-image files as proofs are not supported. 
  • If you convert another non-image file to a proof on that same row, the newly converted file will become the latest version.