Change the Value of a Cell in an Automated Workflow

Applies to

  • Pro
  • Business
  • Enterprise


Who can use this capability

The sheet Owner and Admins can add the Change cell action. A license is required to create and edit workflows.

With the Change cell value action in automated workflows, you can input data to text/number, single select dropdown, multi select dropdown, and checkbox columns.

Cell Type

Values You Can Input


A text or number value with a 4,000 character limit maximum.


Checked, unchecked, or a custom value.

Single Select Dropdown

One of the dropdown list’s values OR a text or number value with a 100 character limit maximum

Multi Select Dropdown

One or more of the dropdown list’s values AND/OR one or more text or number values. Each value has a 100-character limit maximum. 

Get started with Change cell value action

To change the value of a cell when a workflow is triggered:

  1. Edit or create the workflow you want to add a Change cell value action to in the Automation menu.
  2. In the workflow, select + and choose + Add an action.
  3. Choose Change cell value.
    Change Cells
  4. Select a column for the Change cell value action to update when the workflow is executed on a row. The columns you can update are organized by column type.
  5. Enter or select the new value. When updating a multi select dropdown column, you can  either overwrite the existing value or append another value to the cell. In all other column types, the new value will always overwrite any existing value.
    NOTE: By default, the Change cell value action will overwrite existing values in multi select columns. Use the toggle button to append new values instead.
  6. If you want to change another cell value in the same row, click + Add another column and repeat steps 4 and 5.
  7. When you are finished, select Save.

That’s it! You have now added the Change cell value action to your workflow.


  • The change cell action can only update values in sheet columns — not sheet summary fields.
  • The change cell action can input new values in cells that contain cell formulas, but the workflow will not run if you convert a cell formula to a column formula. 
  • The change cell action won't be triggered by cells that have a cell-link or cross-sheet formula.
  • You must specify the exact value that you want to input in a cell. At this time, it is not possible to add a formula to a cell, reference the value in another cell, or reference the value in a sheet summary field.
  • If you want to clear a cell value, use the Clear cell action instead.
  • When you append one or more values to a cell in a multi-select dropdown column, the Change cell value action will remove duplicates. However, keep in mind that the list values are case sensitive, so, for example, both “ABC” and “abc” can be added to the same cell.
  • To prevent infinite approval loops, cells containing cross-sheet formulas or cell links will not trigger automation which automatically changes the sheet (Move Row, Copy Row, Lock Row, Unlock Row, Approval Request, Record a Date, Assign People, Change Cell, Clear Cell). To work around this, consider using time-based automation or recurrence workflows. 
  • Update cell actions need time to update the sheet, especially if there are multiple workflows. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the Change cell value action to update Date columns?

No. Use the Record a date action to automatically record the current date in Date columns. You can also turn on dependencies in Gantt view to easily update dates as your timeline shifts.

Can I use the Change cell value action to update Contact List columns?

No. Use the assign people action to automatically update Contact List columns.