Track the status of DocuSign signature requests

Applies to

  • Enterprise


Who can use this capability

The Owner and Admins can create and edit DocuSign mappings on that sheet after they have logged in to their Docusign account. Editors can send documents for signature.

The DocuSign integration supports real-time status tracking in your sheet for any document you generate using a DocuSign template . During the initial mapping process, you can decide whether to enable tracking. You can also enable tracking later on. 

To do this:

  1. Click the edit icon next to your saved mapping
  2. Click Settings to reopen the mapping wizard. 
  3. Navigate to the Add a tracking column step in the wizard.
  4. Turn the toggle button for Status Tracking on, and enter a name for the new column.

When you enable tracking, a status column will automatically be added to your sheet. Any time the status of a document changes in DocuSign, the change will immediately be reflected in the associated row of the tracking column. Clicking on the link in a status cell in Smartsheet will also redirect you to DocuSign to see more in-depth status info for that particular document.

See the table below to understand the different status options.




The document has been saved in the DocuSign drafts folder.


At least one of the recipients — but not all of them — has received an email notification regarding the signature request.


All recipients have viewed the document.


At least one recipient has declined to sign.


The sender canceled the envelope before it was complete.


All of the recipients have signed the document, and the signing workflow is complete.

Once you save a mapping with tracking enabled, you cannot disable tracking in the wizard. However, if you have admin or owner permissions on the sheet, you can delete the tracking column.