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Smartsheet Dashboards

Dashboards are the visual layer of your work in Smartsheet. Dashboards help you summarize and share important aspects, such as project status or key performance indicators (KPIs) with stakeholders in a single place. They also help you stay organized by providing a hub, or central location, for commonly used resources, like documents, links to frequently visited websites, and collections of sheets or reports.


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Dashboards begin as a blank canvas, but take shape as you add interactive widgets to them, the building blocks of a dashboard. 

To get started, create a new dashboard or use one of our pre-built template sets. Once you've created a dashboard, it's always possible to make changes to it later.

A dashboard also allows you to share information from reports with people who may not otherwise have access. As the dashboard creator, you can control this. For more information about how to configure widgets that pull data from reports, see Control Widget Content When Source Is From a Report.

For information about sharing your dashboard, see Sharing a Smartsheet Dashboard.

View a Dashboard

Dashboards can be viewed from your computer or from an iOS or an Android device.

To view a dashboard in full-screen mode, select the Presentation button in the upper-right corner of the dashboard.

Dashboard permission levels

The following table shows what each permission level allows a collaborator on a dashboard to do.

View the dashboard contentsYesYesYes
Edit the dashboard*NoYesYes
Share the dashboardNoYesYes
Publish the dashboard*NoYesYes
View Activity Log*NoYesYes
Rename, delete, or undelete the dashboard*NoYesYes

*You must be a user on a Smartsheet plan to use this feature. 


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