Control Center Global Updates: Profile Data

Applies to

Smartsheet Advance Package (Requires Enterprise Plan)

Project profile data serves as the high level information for projects in your portfolio. Profile Data can be used to:

  • Define the project with values such as Project Name, Description, Owner, Budget, Due Date
  • Create status tracking metrics or KPIs with values such as % Complete, Forecast End Date, Project Health 

You can specify static values, or define a formula for tracking a specific metric. For example, create Profile Data for tracking At Risk tasks in projects by specifying a formula that counts all cells where an At Risk checkbox has been checked.

Use the Add New Profile Data Global Update type to add new Profile Data to your templates and existing projects. 

To add new Profile Data in your Control Center portfolio:

  1. Navigate to Control Center > Manage Program > Global Updates and select the Add Profile Data update type.
  2. Name your update, then select the blueprint and template you want to use.
  3. Name the Profile Data in Field, add the desired Value, and select the Templates you want to update.
    • Select Test Formula to test any formula changes in a testing sheet before committing your updates.
    • Select Add Field to create multiple Profile Data fields at once. Note that any fields you create will all be applied to the templates you select in the update.
  4. Complete the Global Update to test and apply your changes. See Test and Validate Your Changes for more information. 

After you run the Global Update, the new Profile Data fields appear in project sheets and templates, in the Summary hierarchy in those sheets.

NOTE: To run a Find/Replace update for Profile Data fields, select Add Condition in Advanced Options, then select [Row] in Select test and set the condition to is Profile Data.