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Resource Management


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All licensed users can view the schedule.

Project schedule tips

Scheduling resources on a project up front, rather than on a weekly or daily basis will give you better insight into your team’s availability and allows your team to know what’s ahead.


  • Resource Management


All licensed users can view the schedule.

Scheduling a project fully upfront provides real-time insight into the project's profitability. It is important that the cost of a fully scheduled project is exactly in line with the budget before it begins, so you are mapping the work plan for the project to the actual fee you have estimated when you schedule the project.

For example, if there’s a $96,000 budget and you schedule two people for two months, full-time at $150/h, the future scheduled amount should match the budget.

Now, as your team reports their hours, you can immediately see the impact on the forecasted budget.

If you're uncertain about the team assigned to your project, setting up a placeholder for the relevant discipline or department (such as Visual Designer) can be a helpful strategy. This placeholder can have a bill rate so you know the impact on the schedule.

When you identify the right person for this project, you can assign the project to that person. Also if you make scheduling decisions on a weekly or daily basis, you can split the placeholder’s assignment, reassigning each segment to another person on the team.


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