Import Multiple Projects

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Add multiple projects to your 10,000ft account by using the Project Spreadsheet Template and importing that information into 10,000ft.

You can add the following fields to your spreadsheet:

  • Project Name

  • Client

  • Project Type: Confirmed, Internal or Tentative

  • Start and End dates

  • Budget in days

  • Budget in amounts

  • Project code

How to import multiple projects at once:

  1. Go to Settings > Account Settings > Project Import

  2. Download the Project Spreadsheet Template

  3. Delete the pre-populated information and enter your own project details.

  4. Do NOT delete any columns, even if they have no information.

  5. Select all the cells with information, then copy and paste into the text field in 10,000ft.

  6. Click Next to verify your information.

  7. If everything looks good, click Import Projects.

  8. You’ll receive an email once the import is complete.

Project Data Requirements

Fields that can be imported are limited to the ones included in the Project Spreadsheet Template.

NOTE: Adding additional fields will not import those fields into your account and could result in an import failure. All column headers that were originally in the Project Spreadsheet Template must be present, but only fields for columns marked “Required” need values.

Here are the requirements for each field on the spreadsheet:

Import template

Project Name (Required) - A project name is required for every project and must be shorter than 256 characters

Client - Enter the client name for the project

Project Type (REQUIRED) - Enter either Confirmed, Tentative or Internal

Start Date (REQUIRED) - A Start Date needs to be entered for every project, precede the End Date, and be in MM/DD/YYYY format

End Date (REQUIRED) - An End Date needs to be entered for every project, fall after the Start Date, and be in MM/DD/YYYY format

Time Budget (Days) - Time Budgets cannot contain non-numerical characters, be of negative value, or exceed 99999 days

Fee Budget (Amounts) - Fee Budgets cannot contain non-numerical characters, be of negative value, or exceed 999999999999

Project Code - The project code is primarily used if integrating 10,000ft with another tool or exporting reports and referencing a project by an external code

How to transfer information on projects in progress to 10,000ft:

  1. Create a project for each project in progress.

  2. Calculate the remaining budget (dollar amount or hours) and enter it in the Project Settings. With this option, you are only tracking from this day forward or

  3. Enter the original start date for the project and ask people to confirm their past hours to bring your info up to date.