Define Custom Status Labels for Work

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Administrators can define custom status labels for work. Licensed Users can update status on work they are assigned to on the Today View from their Personal Page.

You can define different statuses under the three main areas of work:

  • Planned

  • In Progress

  • Completed

The text field for a status label is limited to 64 characters. You can easily reorder status labels by hovering over a label and using the up and down arrows to the right to move them to where you want them to be.

Work status view


Filtering by Work Status

To call out assignments with certain statuses you can choose to filter on both the schedule view and the Worklist view.

Filtering on the Worklist

You can filter by status on the Worklist by opening the status drop down, found at the top of the view, and selecting the statuses for the assignments you would like to view.

Worklist filter


Filtering on the Schedule

You can filter by status on the schedule through the filter menu. When you have enabled a work status filter, assignments that do not fit your selection will be greyed out on the schedule.

Status schedule filter

Editing a work status label WILL update the label for all existing statuses using the label.

Deleting a work status label WILL NOT impact any existing statuses using the label.