Calculate key project metrics with sheet summary formulas

Applies to

  • Business
  • Enterprise


Who can use this capability

Owners and sheet Admins (who also have a license) can add new sheet summary fields, edit field properties, and type in existing locked or unlocked fields. Owners, Admins, and Editors can type in existing, unlocked fields. Anyone shared to the sheet can view the sheet summary.

Automatically calculate budget summaries, aggregate project status and project health, and more by placing formulas in sheet summary fields.

Create a sheet summary formula

In your sheet summary: Type the equals sign (=) and the desired function in a sheet summary field. (Note that you can’t enter formulas in checkbox fields.)

  • Use the table below for examples on referencing other sheet summary fields in your sheet summary formulas.
  • You can find our complete functions list here.

Sheet summary formula references

Use this table as a guide for referencing other fields as you build sheet summary formulas.

When you reference

Use this syntax

Example formula
Other summary fields (same sheet) [Field name]# =SUM([Budget 2016]#, [Budget 2017]#)
Cells in the sheet [Column name]<row number> =SUM(Expenses1:Expenses3)
Cells from another sheet {cross-sheet reference name} =COUNT({Warehouse B Inventory})

Sheet summary field references ([Field Name]#) for Formulas can be used both within Sheet Summary Fields and Sheet Cells. For more information, see Formula Basics.