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Who can use this capability

  • System Admin

Leave your current Smartsheet account 

There might be situations where you may need to leave your current Smartsheet account. Learn how to navigate this process below.


  • Smartsheet
  • Business
  • Enterprise


  • System Admin

If you're a non-paid user, you'll be immediately removed from the organization. If you're a paid user, your Sys Admin will receive your request to be removed; the Sys Admin must complete the process for you. 

It is beneficial to speak with the current System Admin on your plan to ensure you retain access to the sheets you own, items, and shared access if needed. 

Before you begin

If you're a System Admin and would like to be removed from an account, reach out to another System Admin (or promote someone else to System Admin), and they'll be able to remove you with the steps provided in the admin center overview.


If you are a System Admin, you can't remove yourself from an account.


Request to be removed from an account

  1. Log in to your current account, and on the lower-left of the page, select the Account Icon > Plan Info 
  2. Select Remove Me from Account to create a removal request email message for the System Admin labeled as the main contact on your plan. 

    You can provide context to your request by typing in the field below the Subject. This will appear in the body of the removal email that is sent to your System Admin.

  3. Click the Send button.

The System Admin will receive an email message—complete with your email address and anything that you typed in the subject field—with your request to be removed from the account.

System Admin: receive a removal request

You will receive an email message with a request for you to remove someone from the Smartsheet account that you manage.

From this message, you can click Manage Users to quickly remove the person who is making the request from the account. Select the dropdown arrow next to the name of the user and then select deactivate user.

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