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Take Action on Alerts and Requests in Hangouts Chat

Send notifications and requests from Smartsheet and act on them from Google Hangouts Chat.


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For example, you can take action on a Smartsheet approval request while chatting with a colleague in Hangouts Chat about the request—all without having to leave the Hangouts Chat application.

This integration is designed only for the next version of the Hangouts Chat application, which you can access here: (or through the Hangouts Chat desktop and mobile applications)

Before you begin

Create an automated workflow

Before you can receive alerts and requests in Hangouts Chat, you need to be a recipient on an automated workflow on a sheet in Smartsheet. 

This integration isn’t supported on Hangouts classic.

When creating the Automated Workflow there is not a specific option to select Hangouts Chat from the action block. Instead, select the email address or contact column to receive the automated notification. If the recipient has enabled the Hangouts bot and adjusted their Notification Preferences in their Personal Settings to allow notifications to be sent to Messaging Apps, then the notification will be sent to Hangouts.

Enable Bots

If you don’t see the Smartsheet bot when searching, your admin may have disabled bots for your domain. To use the Hangouts Chat integration with Smartsheet, your organization’s Google admin must enable the bot with the steps in this Google Support article.

Configure Hangouts Chat to receive alerts and requests

Start receiving Smartsheet alerts in Hangouts Chat by connecting the two apps:

  1. In the Find people, rooms, bots search bar for Hangouts Chat, type Smartsheet and select the Smartsheet bot. The bot automatically starts a conversation with you. 
  2. In the chat window, select Allow Access. 
  3. When prompted, sign in to your Smartsheet account and select Allow.

Once you see the success page and the bot sends you the message “You’re all set up!” you’ll be able to take action on update requests, approval requests, notifications, and reminders from Smartsheet!

Unregister from Smartsheet notifications

You have two methods to stop receiving future alerts and actions messages in Hangouts Chat:

In Smartsheet—

  1. Select your Profile image in the upper-right corner of the Smartsheet window.
  2. Select Apps & Integrations.
  3. Locate the Hangouts Chat integration listing in the apps list and select Revoke.

In Hangouts Chat (Desktop version)—

  1. Locate and hover your cursor over the Smartsheet bot in the left panel.
  2. Select More more icon > Remove.

In Hangouts Chat (Mobile App)—

  1. Locate and tap the Smartsheet bot from the Chat screen.
  2. Tap on the name of the Smartsheet bot (upper-left corner of the screen).
  3. Tap Remove.

After revoking access, you’ll no longer receive notifications in Hangouts Chat.

Ways to use Smartsheet in Hangouts Chat

Maximize the combination of work in Smartsheet and communication in Hangouts Chat.

  • Update and approval requests: Approve budget requests or fill out and submit update requests directly from the Smartsheet chat window in Hangouts Chat. Select Open Approval Form or Open Update Form to approve or deny an approval request or complete an update request directly from Hangouts Chat.
  • Set a reminder to take action later: You can have the integration send you another reminder so that you can review it at a later time. Select Remind me Later and then select a desired time.
  • Turn off mobile push notifications: If you’re actively using the Hangouts mobile app, as well as the Smartsheet mobile app, you’ll receive the same notifications from each application. You can turn off Smartsheet push notifications so you only receive one notification through Hangouts.
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