Using the Smartsheet App for iOS

As you use the Smartsheet app for iOS, you’ll find that you can take advantage of many features from the full version of Smartsheet on a computer browser. Here are some tips for navigating the mobile application, as well as a list of Smartsheet features available in the mobile application.

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Tips for Finding Commands and Navigating

Switch Views to Visualize Your Data

With a sheet open, tap the lower-left corner of your screen and select a view to see your data in different ways.

NOTE: Before you can see a sheet in Gantt View or Calendar View, the sheet must be set up to support those views using the computer browser application. More information on this is available in Working with Gantt Charts and Working with Calendars.

switch view, list, grid, gantt, calendar

Each view has its own advantages:

  • List View—Displays information from the Primary column, best for when you want to quickly navigate the sheet.
  • Grid View—Displays all rows and columns for a complete view of the sheet.
  • Gantt View—Organizes tasks as bars in a Gantt chart.
  • Calendar View—Arranges tasks as events on a calendar.

Long-Press for More Actions

You can long-press (press and hold) in the mobile application for additional actions:

  • From your Home screen, long-press an item to expand actions for that item.

    open, open sheet, open report, duplicate, rename, delete, favorite
  • While in a sheet, long-press anywhere within a specific row to get access to row actions.

    outdent, indent, insert, delete, send, request, cut

Tap-and-Drag to Move Rows

While in Grid View, you can tap-and-drag from the row number on the left of a sheet to move the row.

move row

Tap Row Info to Leave Comments and Attach Files or Photos

While in Grid View, tap the Row Info icon row info icon  (this icon may look different if comments and attachments are connected to the row: row info with attachments  ) on the leftmost side of the sheet to leave comments on, or attach files or photos to a row.

row info menu


Supported Features in the iOS App

Once you are logged in to the Smartsheet app on your iOS device, you can use the following features.

NOTE: Certain features require a specific sharing permission level on the Smartsheet item.  Check out the Sharing Permission Levels article for more information.

Create, Organize, and Delete Smartsheet Items

  • Create new sheets from scratch or from public templates in the Template Gallery
  • Rename Smartsheet items
  • Delete Smartsheet items
  • Duplicate sheets
  • Flag a Smartsheet item as a favorite

Find and Interact with Smartsheet Items

  • Open sheets in different views
  • Open reports
  • Open and view Smartsheet Sights™
  • Open and fill out forms
  • Access existing attachments
  • View sheet-level and row-level comments
  • Apply sheet filters created from the computer browser app (details on this can be found in our Sheet Filters article)
  • Tap web links, phone numbers, email addresses, and postal addresses in a Smartsheet item

Add New or Edit Rows and Columns

  • Edit information in a row
  • Move rows within a sheet
  • Add new columns and manage column properties
  • Insert or attach images via the camera or image library
  • Add comments to a sheet
  • Add rows anywhere on the sheet
  • Indent or outdent rows

Share Existing Smartsheet Items

  • Share Smartsheet items
  • Send rows and sheets in email messages
  • Send update requests