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Who can use this capability

Licensed Owners and Admins can select which fields appear in the cards.

Card View: Create, Edit, and Share Cards

In Card View, cards make up the work items or tasks in your project.


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Licensed Owners and Admins can select which fields appear in the cards.

Work with fields

Cards display the data that is captured in fields. Each card will always display a title—the value for the title is always the value of the primary column. Field values on cards display information about the task. Each card can display a total of 10 fields: the title field and up to 9 additional fields. Attachment, comment, and reminder icons are displayed if a card includes these items, 

Change which fields appear in your cards

  1. Select Card View Settings (the gear icon) in the upper-right corner of Smartsheet.
  2. Check or uncheck field names.


In grid view, you can create visual hierarchy in a sheet by indenting to create parent and child rows. If you are looking at a card for a parent row, you can see a list icon at the bottom denoting however many child rows they have. If you are looking at a card for a child row, you can find the parent row card by selecting the more icon then selecting Go to Parent Row Card. 

Add a new field

  1. Select Card View Settings (the gear icon) in the upper-right corner of Smartsheet.
  2. Select Add New.

Any new field that you add in card view is added to  the sheet in grid view as a column. 

Edit the properties of a field

To edit the properties of an existing field, switch to grid view and edit the column properties from there. Learn more about inserting, deleting, or renaming columns.

Create a new card

  1. In the lane that you want to add the card to, do either of the following:

    At the end of the list of cards, click the Add Card icon.

    Add Card


    Right-click a card and click Insert Above or Insert Below. 
  2. In the Edit form, fill in the details and select OK.

New cards are to the end of your task list in grid view, even if you have specified insert above or insert below in card view. 

Edit a card

Add data to a card

  1. To edit or add data to a card, double-click it to open the Edit form.
  2. Make the desired changes and select OK.

Add an image 

  1. To add an image, hover over the field and select the more icon. 
  2. Select Insert Image, select the source of your image, and follow the prompts.

Change the color bar for a card

There are two options for changing the color that appears on the outer edge of a card. You can change the color manually or automatically with a conditional formatting rule.

To change the color manually:

  1. Right-click the edge of the card.
  2. Select a color.

If you have Admin or Owner sharing permissions to the sheet, you can change the color via conditional formatting. Formatting applied with conditional formatting rules will override any manual formatting. The color for a card will remain consistent as you switch between card, grid, Gantt, or calendar view. 

Share a card via email or request an update

To share the contents of a card or to request input from others, right-click the card and select Send or Send Update Request. By default, information from all available columns in the sheet (including attachments and comments) is sent. To exclude columns, select Edit and uncheck any column name that you want to omit from the email.

Learn more about sending sheets & rows via email and using update requests.

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