Smartsheet Integration with Zapier

Applies to

  • Business
  • Enterprise

Zapier is a tool that helps automate tasks between web applications (like Salesforce, Basecamp, Gmail - and of course, Smartsheet). The automations you can create in Zapier are called "Zaps". A Zap consists of a Trigger and an Action. Whenever the Trigger happens in one app, Zapier will automatically perform the Action in the other app.
Zapier Example
NOTE: For any questions or difficulty using Zapier, contact Zapier's Support Team.

Example Zaps include:

  • When a WuFoo form is submitted (the Trigger), a new row is added to a sheet (the Action) automatically.
  • When a new row is created in a sheet (the Trigger), a new lead is created in Salesforce (the Action) automatically.
  • When a new row is created in a sheet (the Trigger), a new customer case is created in (the Action) automatically.

Hundreds of web applications are integrated with Zapier (check out a full list here), so the sky's the limit on the types of zaps you can create to help automate your workflow.

Smartsheet can Trigger actions in other web services when: a specified row is updated or a new row is created in a specified sheet.

Other web services can trigger the following Actions to occur in Smartsheet: create a new sheet, create a new sheet from a template, share a sheet or workspace, add a row to a sheet, and send a sheet via email.

Zapier offers both free and premium services depending on how many zaps you need and how frequently they're triggered. Review Zapier's pricing page for more information.