Smartsheet Accelerator for Professional Services

The Smartsheet Accelerator for Professional Services enables professional services teams to be consistently aligned with their customers for on time and on budget customer implementations. 

How Does the Accelerator for Professional Services Help Me? 

  • Ensure that customers and services teams are on the same page. Rather than constantly putting out fires, increase communication so that everyone is aligned from the beginning to the end of a project.

  • Proactively identify and resolve issues. With greater visibility into project status, managers and executives are better able to avoid potential issues and course correct if necessary. 

  • Keeping up with increased demands. Consistent processes and project intake allows for teams to stay on top of customer demands to deliver increased customer satisfaction and executive awareness. 

  • Increase team productivity. Automation of project templates and workflow notifications gives time back to teams so they can focus on what matters most, their customers. 

Who does Smartsheet Accelerator for Professional Service Help? 

  • Stakeholders: Directors of Sales, Consulting, and Customer Success: Provide oversight for each engagement or implementation, track progress, communicate with the team on opportunities and issues, and support the team.

  • Professional services Lead: Lead day to day operations for the PS team and its projects. Manage administrative tasks and the working environment, including project management tools. Define team process and lead changes to that process. 

  • Sales Representatives: Close deals (engagement or implementation) and inform the team that the projects are ready for kickoff.  Communicates with the client about progress, keep tabs on any and all issues that might appear and track additional opportunities for growth.

  • Architects and Consultants: Build the customer’s products, following defined requirements. Track progress and issues, and report on these items to the sales rep and the customer success manager. Transfer completed packages to the customer success manager. Both roles have similar tasks; the architect may be more focused on custom solutions.

  • Project Manager: Make changes to projects in flight, reallocate budgets, resources, change dates, and stay on top of project information as needed.

  • Project Resources, Individual Contributors: Complete day to day tasks in Smartsheet’s familiar interface. 

  • Administrator/Coordinator: Assist the project manager in triaging project requests, allocate resources to a project, initiate approved projects, make budget requests, and more.  The coordinator shepherds a project from request to kick off. Once the project is underway, the coordinator may track key metrics related to that project, but is no longer responsible for day to day operations of the project.

  • Trainer/Customer Success Manager: Work with customers to teach them how to use the product or service once it’s deployed and to ensure the deployment meets their needs. Focus on end-user tasks, teach the customer what they need to know to perform day-to-day activities handled by their new solution.

  • AP/Receivable: Account resources track the budget, decide who gets billed when and what for. Create and use reports about expenses for resources, available hours, materials, and more.

  • Customer Stakeholder: (BDM) business decision who approved the purchase of this accelerator. Approve implementation or engagement projects and track status and budget throughout each project. Sign off on completed projects, approve changes in scope or budget for ongoing projects. 

Download documentation for the Smartsheet Accelerator for Professional Services:

In your Accelerator:

  • In Accelerator, go to PS START HERE in the Team workspace.

In the Smartsheet Center of Excellence:

  • Click here. Enter your Center of Excellence username and password.  

  • Don’t have access?  Click here

The Accelerator for IT PMO is a premium solution that is available for purchase to Smartsheet customers using a Business plan or higher. For more information about how to purchase this Accelerator, please contact Smartsheet Sales.