Smartsheet Accelerator for IT PMO

The Smartsheet Accelerator for IT PMO go from demand management to program execution to portfolio reporting with ease. This solution takes your project from intake (Demand Management) to completion via standardized production processes (App Dev or IT Operations plans, with RAID logs, budgets, resourcing, and oversight tools). Your information is rolled up into Executive Dashboards, making real time reporting a seamless part of your process. 

How Does the Accelerator for IT PMO Help Me? 

  • Request and Demand Management: Quickly manage all requests, project prioritization, approval processes, and project initiation data in one place.

  • Project Provisioning:  One click creation all of the sheets, reports, dashboards, and workflows necessary to successfully manage your projects -- for waterfall or stage-gate methodology.

  • Gain Insights: With real-time aggregation of all program and project information, stakeholders have greater visibility into all of your organizations key projects. Managers to Executives have the ability to understand the status of KPIs and program health to make better-informed decisions that drive your business forward.

  • Issue Tracking:  Report on critical tasks and keep internal stakeholders on track and up-to-date with comprehensive alerts and notifications.

  • Project Archiving and Close Out: At the completion of a project, you have the ability to automate the archiving of the project. This gives you the ability to conduct historical reporting and trend analysis for all your projects.

Who does Smartsheet Accelerator for IT PMO help? 

  • Stakeholders: C-Suite Executives and Business Owners:  Dashboards and reports provide real time information to stakeholders, streamlining the business decision making process.

  • IT PMO Department Heads:  Templates and a standard project creation process ensures that projects consistently follow the same procedures.

  • IT PMO Leads:  Project guidelines and procedures are defined at the source, so there’s program level consistency, but still room for each project’s unique demands.

  • Project Managers:  Project updates are entered one time, making project management consistent and reliable.

  • Project Administrators:  Changes to budget, resources, timelines, are entered once and dashboards provide quick oversight for on call reporting.

  • Project Resources, Individual Contributors:  Day to day tasks are performed in Smartsheet’s familiar interface. 

Download documentation for the Smartsheet Accelerator for IT PMO:

In your Accelerator:

  • In your Accelerator, go to IT PMO START HERE in the Team workspace.

In Smartsheet’s Center of Excellence:

  • Click here. Enter your Center of Excellence username and password.  

  • Don’t have access?  Click here

The Accelerator for IT PMO is a premium solution that is available for purchase to Smartsheet customers using a Business plan or higher. For more information about how to purchase this Accelerator, please contact Smartsheet Sales.