Smartsheet Accelerator for IT PMO

The Smartsheet Accelerator for IT PMO enables IT users and teams to quickly build on the core value of Smartsheet with a solution that programmatically solves challenges associated with people, process, and portfolio management. The Accelerator for IT PMO leverages proven best practices to empower IT teams to consistently and confidently manage their work and quickly utilize an advanced pre-configured solution. IT teams of all sizes can easily manage their demand management, capacity planning, project management, change management, and portfolio reporting from a single system that will enable them to more effectively align to their organizational needs and execute on the work that matters most. 

The Accelerator for IT PMO is a premium offering available for purchase to Smartsheet customers using a business plan or higher. For more information about how to purchase the Accelerator for IT PMO, please contact Smartsheet sales

How does the Accelerator for IT PMO help my organization? 

  • Demand Management: Easily gather requests, prioritize, and budget for them while obtaining the necessary approvals. 

  • Capacity Planning: Effectively find and schedule the best project team, resolve staffing conflicts in real time, and forecast hiring needs

  • Project Management: Empower your team to achieve the best project results through clear planning, organization, and execution.

  • Change Management: Not only get approval of changes but also easily implement process and projects improvements.

  • Portfolio Reporting: Enable leadership and stakeholders to have a holistic view into all work inflight to ensure better decision making and overall alignment.

  • Advanced Smartsheet functionality: Utilize core Smartsheet functionality like sheets, reports, and dashboards, with the added benefits of project, portfolio, and process management.

How do I access help documentation? 

In your Accelerator:

  • Navigate within any of the defined personas to the Help tab. From there you will find access to process maps, Center of Excellence and more. 

In the Smartsheet Center of Excellence:

  • Click here. Enter your Center of Excellence username and password.  

  • Don’t have access?  Click here