Smartsheet Accelerator for Events

The Smartsheet Accelerator for Events enables campaign  teams to be consistently aligned with their customers for on time and on budget customer implementations. 

How Does the Accelerator for Events Help My Organization?

  • Increase agility and stay aligned from the beginning: Ensure everyone is aligned on goals and desired outcomes for events, from the moment you start your planning and creation processes.

  • Monitor real-time performance: Easily visualize the status of all processes at any time.

  • Effortlessly integrate with other systems: Integrate with systems already in place to sell tickets, create event websites, and build event mobile apps. 

  • Replicate processes with ease: Use a simple, pre-built solution to make new templates, workback schedules, workflows, and rollups — with one click.

  • Realize impact: Understand, show, and prove to leadership the business impact of every event. 

Who does the Smartsheet Accelerator for Events Help? 

  • Business Owner: These primary stakeholders own the 'why' for the given event. They provide the budget, business case, and objectives for the event. The set a clear business agenda and are largely focused on the strategy behind the event. 

  • Event Owner: Event owners are responsible for the schedule of deliverables and the operational success of the event. They steer the committee planning and running the event.  The event owner acts as the primary point of contact for the event. They’re responsible for assigning resources to tasks and making the event happen. Consider them the architect of the event - responsible for strategy and tactics. 

  • Workstream Owner: These contributors own specific event components: sessions, content, speakers, and more.  

  • Business Stakeholders: These top level stakeholders are interested in the success of the event. They might be sales, sales leadership, or other executive level positions. 

Download documentation for the Smartsheet Accelerator for Events:

In your Accelerator:

  • On the left side of your dashboard, click Help.

In Smartsheet’s Center of Excellence:

  • Click here. Enter your Center of Excellence username and password.  

  • Don’t have access?  Click here

The Accelerator for Events  is a premium solution available for purchase to Smartsheet customers using a Business plan or higher. For more information about how to purchase this Accelerator, please contact Smartsheet Sales.