Smartsheet Accelerator for CCPA

The Accelerator for CCPA is a pre-built solution that enables privacy leaders to apply an operational framework to consistently inventory, organize, report, and demonstrate compliance with the CCPA regulation. 

How Does the Accelerator for CCPA Help My Organization?

  • Rollout an operational program for compliance. Privacy teams are able to perform readiness assessment, drive internal training, and properly support stakeholders (and teams)  that must participate in CCPA compliance. 
  • Understand your risk profile. Functional business owners are able to provide privacy teams with the required information about their area in a streamlined and automated fashion allowing privacy teams a better understanding of where privacy risks may exist. 
  • Effectively manage and maintain your data inventories. Privacy teams, Legal teams, and functional business owners can easily work together to monitor and complete critical items like data inventories, gap assessments, and remediation plans.  
  • Provide greater clarity and visibility. Privacy and Legal leaders are better equipped to make decisions surrounding their organization’s compliance with the CCPA. 
  • Take action in a timely manner. Organizations are able to effectively track and respond to Consumer Rights Requests and Consent Management Requests, and enact the appropriate remediation plan when necessary. 
  • Quickly demonstrate compliance. When the Office of the California Attorney General requests proof of compliance with the CCPA, organizations can quickly and easily provide both regulatory reporting and incident monitoring and reporting. 

Who does the Smartsheet Accelerator for CCPA Help? 

  • Privacy Teams: Privacy teams are central to the management of CCPA compliance programs. This team works with stakeholders to monitor and report on compliance CCPA. This team has the ability to ensure the solution meets the organizations needs by:  configuring the inventories and surveys utilized in the Data Discovery Process, establishing a form for Consumers to direct requests via the company website and adapt the workflow for addressing Consumer requests, configuring Remediation Repository to track gap remediation, and configuring  regulatory reports. 
  • Legal Teams: The legal team is able to review system controls as well as verify accuracy of the information provided by functional owners. 
  • Functional Owners:  Various functional owners may be responsible for managing and overseeing systems and/or third-party relationships critical to the performance of their teams. 

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The Accelerator for CCPA is a premium solution available for purchase to Smartsheet customers using a Business plan or higher. For more information about how to purchase this Accelerator, please contact Smartsheet Sales.