Smartsheet Accelerator for Campaign Management

The Accelerator for Campaign Management is a connected set of Sheets, Dashboards, and  Reports, enhanced with Smartsheet’s Control Center and Calendar. This accelerator enables marketing leaders to define an organizational strategy, campaign teams to plan and execute their campaigns, and provides visibility into campaign dates and status for stakeholders across the organization.

How Does the Accelerator for Campaign Management Help My Organization?

  • Define campaign frameworks from the bottom up for greater success: Define what a campaign means and specify the quantifiable outcomes necessary to show success. 

  • Launch campaigns that resonate: Understand your audience personas and needs for effective campaigns.

  • Quantify goals for quality execution: Create quantifiable goals that deliver on strategic objectives, demonstrate the holistic success of a campaign and its impact to the organization.

  • Exceed your marketing goals: Set strategic objectives that drive better campaigns, programs, and tactics to achieve more and exceed your goals. 

  • Show the big picture while understanding tactical execution: Enable increased alignment across the organization so everyone understands how objectives drive key marketing actions and business outcomes.  

Who does the Smartsheet Accelerator for Campaign Management Help? 

  • Marketing Campaign Manager: The marketing campaign manager owns the campaign. They create the brief, plan the campaign, and ensure the campaign is on track. They report progress and status to the appropriate parties.

  • Marketing Executive: The marketing executive oversees the marketing organization as a whole.  Job titles could be VP of Marketing or CMO; this leader that is responsible for managing a larger group of teams within the marketing organization. 

  • Front Line Manager: The front line manager oversees  individual teams or workstreams within a marketing organization.  They work closely with campaign managers and other marketing roles to plan and execute campaigns. The front line manager is responsible for a set of campaigns run against their focus area; they report up to the marketing executive.This role could be the Senior Manager for Product Marketing or the Manager of Partner Marketing. 

  • Business Stakeholder: The business stakeholder interacts with the campaign team through campaign requests or inquiries into campaign status but may not be a member of the marketing team. This role could be a Product Manager who requested a campaign for a new product release. 

  • Content Creator (Creative, Content, Web Designer, etc): Content creators are individual contributors to a campaign. They’re responsible for building campaign assets or contributing content to the overall campaign plan. They are heavily involved in the campaign planning phase. This role could be digital creative designer or a content writer. Specialist (Marketing Automation, Social Media Manager, Web Developer, etc): This individual contributor uses campaign assets to execute the planned campaign. They are heavily involved in campaign execution. They could be a marketing automation specialist or social media manager who pulls campaign assets to execute their portion of the campaign. 

Download documentation for the Smartsheet Accelerator for Campaign Management:

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The Accelerator Campaign Management  is a premium solution available for purchase to Smartsheet customers using a Business plan or higher. For more information about how to purchase this Accelerator, please contact Smartsheet Sales.