Resource Management Panel for Smartsheet

The Resource Management Panel provides a direct connection between project plans in Smartsheet and resource plans in Resource Management. From a Smartsheet project sheet, see who's been assigned to the project, request the types of people you need to complete each deliverable, and get a real-time preview of the impact of resourcing changes as you move through the project lifecycle.

About the Resource Management panel


  • Smartsheet
  • Enterprise
  • Business
  • Resource Management


Who can use this capability?

To set up the panel connection, you need Resourcing Admin permissions in Resource Management and SysAdmin permissions in Smartsheet; both accounts must use the same email address.














It’s a two-step process to use the panel. First, authorize your account (one time only), then connect a project sheet to Resource Management.

After you connect the sheet to the Resource Management Panel, you can use the panel to see:

  • People or placeholders assigned to tasks in your Resource Management project 
  • Overall allocation % for assigned users
  • Overall availability for team members assigned to your project 
  • Dates for the overall project and individual assignments.

You can also make assignment changes in the sheet.