Become your team's in-house expert and gain the knowledge to deliver results for your organization. Demonstrate your Smartsheet proficiency with official status as a Smartsheet certified professional.

The Smartsheet certification program offers two exams:

Product Certification

Product Certification confirms that you know how to use the core features and functionality of Smartsheet and apply these in real world situations. Smartsheet Product Certification is offered year-round through our online learning platform. It can be bundled with on demand training or purchased as a standalone exam.

Purchase the Smartsheet Product Certification Exam - $99.

Purchase the Smartsheet Product Certification Exam and one year of on demand training - $199.

Solution Certification

Smartsheet Solution Certification demonstrates your ability to design and build a complex solution based on real business challenges and project requirements. Solution Certification is offered as a four hour proctored exam at the Smartsheet ENGAGE customer conference.


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