Asset descriptions

The asset description is a free form text box in the asset module where you can keep additional notes about the asset.


  • Brandfolder


Owners, Admins, and Collaborators can edit asset descriptions.

If an asset has a description, you can find it underneath the asset and tags sections inside the asset module.

This image shows the image description.

Editing an individual asset description

To edit the description on an individual asset:

  1. Select View to open the asset module
  2. Select the Edit tab on the far right with the pencil icon
  3. Make edits in the Description box
  4. Select Save in the bottom right corner of the asset module

This gif shows the suggest an asset description feature.

Edit toolbar

The toolbar for editing the description includes:

  • View the CSS source code
  • Format the text as a paragraph, quote, or header
  • Bold, italicize, or strike through text
  • Insert or remove links
  • Left, center, or right align text
  • Bullet point or numbered list

Suggest description

When editing the asset description, you will see a link to suggest description in the upper right corner of the description text box. 

This image shows the suggest a description button.

The suggest a description feature is only supported for assets that are image files. You will not see the suggest a description option for other asset types such as font, color, video, people, etc.

Selecting the Suggest description button will generate a caption for the asset that captures information in the image.

When you generate a caption, you can supply feedback using the thumbs up and down buttons to help improve the description accuracy. You can either choose to Append the information or Replace the current description.

Admins and owners can turn off suggest a description at the Brandfolder level by navigating to Settings > General Settings > Advanced. Here, select Disabled for the AI Generated Image Captions row. 

The AI generated captions are only available in English at this time. 

Editing asset descriptions in bulk

You can use CSV metasheets to update asset descriptions in bulk. Learn more about how to use CSV metasheets.

Searching for assets by their description

The search syntax Description: "text from description" will bring up assets that include the text you place between the parentheses. You can also use AND, OR, or NOT to help narrow down your search results. Learn more about search syntax on Brandfolder.