Get Up and Running with Smartsheet for iOS

Applies to

- Individual
- Business
- Enterprise

The Smartsheet for iPhone and iPad app, designed as a companion to the full-featured computer browser application, helps you access and edit your Smartsheet data while on the go.

The Smartsheet for iOS app requires iOS 12 or later.

The Smartsheet mobile app for iOS is compatible for use with a stylus. With an iOS stylus, you can add content, change cells, even write words in the cell and it is converted to text in the sheet

Apple App Store

After installing and launching the iOS app, you can log in to an existing Smartsheet account or start a free 30-day trial.

Log in to an Existing Account

If you have an existing Smartsheet account, you have the following login options:

  • Smartsheet—Type the email address you use for Smartsheet in the field and select Log In. On the next screen, enter your Smartsheet password and select Continue.
  • Single Sign On (SSO)—This option is typically configured beforehand by your company. Type your email address (possibly your company email address) in the field and select Log In. On the next screen, select Your Corporate Account. Your company SSO log in system will connect with Smartsheet to log in.
  • Google—Select Google, then on the next screen type your Google credentials.
  • Office 365 for Business—Select Work Account, then on the next screen type your Office 365 for Business credentials.

Upgrade Your Plan

If you don’t have an active subscription to Smartsheet, you can purchase an Individual plan right from the iOS app. There is a one-time charge associated with the Individual plan, and it will expire after 6 months.

NOTE: While in the iOS app, you can only purchase a 6-month subscription to an Individual plan at this time. If you want to upgrade to a different plan or an automatically renewing subscription, sign in to the full version of Smartsheet on a computer browser.

To purchase an Individual plan from your iOS device:

  1. Tap the Account Settings icon  Settings gear  in the upper-left corner of your screen. (If you don’t see this icon, navigate to your Home screen.)
  2. Tap Upgrade Account > Buy.

You’ll be prompted to enter your Apple ID credentials and the payment option connected to your Apple ID will be charged.