Navigating the Smartsheet app for iOS

The Smartsheet app for iOS helps you access and edit your Smartsheet data while on the go. It's designed as a companion to the full-featured Smartsheet web application. 

For the most up-to-date information about the latest app version and its requirements and to download the app, visit the app store on your iOS device.

TIP: To quickly and easily work in Smartsheet across all of your devices,  use Apple's Slide Over and Split View in iOS 9.0+ on the iPad and Handoff in iOS 8.0+.

The Login Screen

When you first open the app, you'll be prompted to login to your existing Smartsheet account or create a new free trial. Going forward you'll be logged into this account automatically when opening the app unless you sign out or revoke access.

To login to an existing account, type your email address into the Email field, then tap Log In (alternately, if you use a Gmail or Google apps email address in Smartsheet, you can tap Use my Google Account to sign in with your Google account credentials). Type your Smartsheet password into the Password field (or tap Use my Corporate Login if your organization has set up SSO with Smartsheet), then tap Continue to access your account.

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The Home Page

After signing into the app you’ll be directed to the Home page, which lists your accessible sheets, reports, folders and workspaces (to learn more, review our help article on Creating & Managing Sheets in the iOS app). If you navigate away, you can always return by tapping Home in the upper-left corner of the app.

How Sheets Are Organized on the Home Page

Recent Items lists sheets and reports that you've recently opened from the iOS app.

Favorites lists sheets, reports, folders and workspaces that you've marked as favorites. To add an item to the Favorites, long-press on it from the Home page then tap the Favorite icon​. All other sheets, folders and workspaces are displayed beneath Favorites. Tap on a sheet to open it, or long-press on it to open, duplicate, rename, delete, or add it as a favorite.

Smartsheet for iPad and iPhone Floating Toolbar

Other Actions You Can Do from Home

Sign Out or Review Account Settings

Account Settings icon

Tap Account Settings to Sign Out of your account or to review account details such as:

  • Your name
  • Email address
  • Plan type
  • Resources: Help, Intro Guide  
  • App Details (you can find the app version number here) 

You can also access Smartsheet Settings from this screen.

Create a New Sheet

Add New Sheet icon

Tap the plus icon in the upper-right corner to create a new sheet.


Search icon

Tap the Search icon in the bottom-right corner of the Home page to search for the sheet by its name or the data it contains.


Refresh icon

Use the Refresh icon at the bottom-left corner of the Home page to refresh the list of accessible sheets (or tap it at the bottom of a sheet to refresh its contents).

Upgrade Account

If you don't have an active subscription to Smartsheet, you can purchase an Individual plan from Account Settings by clicking the Upgrade Account button. There is a one-time charge associated with the Individual plan and it will expire after 6 months. When it expires, you can re-purchase the plan via the iOS app or sign up for a recurring subscription via the full version of Smartsheet (accessible from a desktop or laptop computer). This plan type is only available for purchase via the iOS app, and it's the only plan available for purchase from the app.

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Navigating Sheets

Sheets can be opened to different views to display the data in the way that suits you best. The first time you open a sheet, it will open to Grid View. The next time you open the sheet, it will default to the last view you had open.

Use the View Selector in the lower-left corner to switch between the different views.

Review our List, Grid, Gantt & Calendar Views article for more detailed instructions on working within the views.

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