Why am I getting a message to upgrade my account?

During a 30-day trial subscription, you’ll see a message to upgrade your account, and the number of days remaining in your trial period.

If you'd like to continue creating sheets, you’ll need to purchase a subscription or be added to a Team or Enterprise organization as a licensed user.

If your team has an account, you could be receiving this message either because you haven’t yet been added to the Team account or you may not have received the email inviting you to the Team. The SysAdmin will need to add you to the account as a Licensed User (sheet creator) and extend an invite for you to click and accept becoming part of the Team account. See User Management for more instruction.

NOTE: You may also receive this message if you’re shared on a sheet owned by a user whose trial has expired.

If you don’t wish to create sheets, but would like to continue collaborating with others on sheets, transfer ownership of your trial sheets to another user with a license to create sheets.

If you no longer want to use Smartsheet, you can export your sheets for use in other software.

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