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Account Upgrade Message: When it Appears and How to Respond


  • Smartsheet

During a 30-day trial subscription, you’ll see a message to upgrade your account, and the number of days remaining in your trial period.

If you'd like to continue creating sheets, you’ll need to purchase a subscription or be added to a Business, Enterprise, or Advance plan as a licensed user.

If your organization already has a Smartsheet plan, you could be receiving this message for either of the following reasons:

  • You haven’t yet been added to the account 
  • You didn’t receive the email inviting you to the account

You may also see this message if you’re shared to a sheet owned by someone whose trial has expired.

    A Smartsheet System Admin will need to add you to the account as a Licensed User and extend an invitation for you to click and accept becoming part of the account.

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