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View your assigned tasks


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To quickly find all tasks that are assigned to you or to someone else, do either of the following:

The steps in this article assume that tasks are assigned in columns using a Contact List column type. For more information about column types, see Use the best column type for your data.

View assigned tasks on a single sheet

  1. Open the sheet that contains the tasks you want to display.
  2. From the menu bar, select the Filter New Filter.
  3. Name the filter (for example, name the filter My Tasks).
  4. In the Create New Filter form, select the following criteria:
    • Assigned To
    • Is one of
  5. In the Select Values box, select the name of the person whose tasks you want to view.

    To create a filter that finds tasks for the collaborator currently viewing the sheet, select Current User. This can be handy if you’re creating a shared filter.

  6. Select Apply.

The data in the sheet will be filtered to show only tasks assigned to the person whose name you selected in the Select Values box. 

For more information about creating filters, including how to save and share them, see Using filters to show or hide sheet data.

View assigned tasks from multiple sheets

If you are tracking projects in multiple sheets and you want to find items assigned to you or someone else in all of them, you should use a report.

To create a report that displays all tasks assigned to you or to someone else:

  1. Go to the menu bar and select Create New > Create > Report.
  2. Name the report (for example, name the report My Tasks).
  3. In the Report Builder form, do the following:
    • Under Where?, select the sheets that include the tasks that you want to find. 
    • Under Who?, select Assigned To (or select the name of the Contact List column that contains assignees), and then select the name of the person whose tasks you want to view. 

      You can also select Current User, which will display tasks assigned to the logged in user. This can be handy if you want to share a report that others can use to see tasks assigned to them.

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