Working with Multiple Collaborators

Whether you need to share your work with other team members or simply collaborate on a specific task, Smartsheet makes it easy. You can invite people (both inside and outside your company) to collaborate on your entire project by sharing the sheet with them.

When multiple collaborators are working on the same sheet, you'll see:

  • Multi-user icon – will appear in the sheet’s tab to alert you that others are working on the sheet. You can click on this icon to see who is accessing the sheet.

    TIP: If you're a Google user, mousing over the multi-user icon will also give you an option to start a Google Hangout (an instant messaging and video chat platform) with the other collaborators who are currently working in the sheet. After clicking Start a Hangout, a window will pop-up where you'll be prompted to login to Google, and can then edit the invitation and list of recipients before starting the Hangout.

  • Pop-ups - will briefly display at the top, center of Smartsheet when you open an in-use sheet, and when other collaborators open the sheet you're on. Pop-ups will also be displayed briefly when other collaborators save changes to the sheet you're on.

  • Blue Refresh icon - will appear over the multi-user icon when another collaborator has saved a change to a sheet.

When you see the pop-up message alerting you that another collaborator has saved changes to the sheet, click on the blue refresh icon and select the Refresh link. If you have unsaved changes, the application will prompt you to Save them first. Upon refreshing, you should be able to see the changes you just made and any changes others have saved.
If you've both made changes to the same cell, the last saved change will be displayed in the cell. The first change made will be viewable by right-clicking on the cell (Mac users can [Ctrl]+click) and selecting View History.

TIP: Use Highlight Changes (more information in the Highlight Changes help article) to apply a background color to cells that have been changed since I last viewed this sheet. Each time you refresh the sheet, highlighting will indicate which cells were modified since your last refresh.

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