Manage Authentication Options for an Enterprise Plan (System Admin)

System Admins can manage how people in their account sign in to Smartsheet.

TIP: To improve account security, disable authentication options that your organization doesn’t currently need. (If needed, you can enable them at a later time.)

Before You Begin: Requirements

Authentication options are available to Enterprise plans only.

You must be a System Admin on your account to be able to modify the authentication options discussed here.

Enterprise Level Feature: Enable SAML 2 Sign-In

On an Enterprise-level account, System Admins can also enable the ability for anyone on the account to sign in with their company credentials. Setting up this service requires knowledge of both Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) and Single Sign-On (SSO). The self-service guide with requirements and instructions to set up a SAML-based SSO service with Smartsheet can be found in the Set Up SAML 2 for Single Sign-On to Smartsheet help article.

Available Sign-In Options 

  • Email + Password - Use your email address and a password created for Smartsheet. 

    IMPORTANT: If you disable the Email + Password option, you’ll see an additional option to Keep Email + Password for Account Admins. Enabling Keep Email + Password for Account Admins ensures that System Admins on the account can still sign in to Smartsheet and manage the account if you experience issues with other authentication services.
  • Google   - Use your Google account credentials to sign-on to Smartsheet by clicking the Google icon on the Smartsheet login page. 
  •  Microsoft Azure AD  - Use your Office 365 for Business Work Account credentials to sign on to Smartsheet by clicking the Work Account button on the Smartsheet login page.
  • SAML - Use your internal corporate authentication credentials to sign-on to Smartsheet using the Your Company Account button (available after entering in the email address). Steps to set this up can be found in our article Set Up SAML 2 for Single Sign-on to Smartsheet.

    NOTE: To use SAML, you'll need to configure your organization's Identity Provider (IdP) to communicate with Smartsheet, and add a record to your organization's Domain Name System (DNS). You may need to consult a technical resource at your organization for assistance with this option.

Edit Sign-In Options

To modify how people sign in to Smartsheet:

  1. Select Account (in the upper-right corner of the Smartsheet window) > Account Admin > Security Controls. 

    The Security Controls form appears.

    Security Controls

    TIP: To learn more about the other options in the form, see Security Controls.
  2. In the Authentication section, click Edit.

    NOTE: To enable or disable login features, you must have an Enterprise account.
  3. Select your desired authentication options (you must select at least one).
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