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About Smartsheet data backups


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To request a sheet or workspace backup, you need viewer permissions or higher.

To request recurring workspace backups, you must be the workspace owner or admin.


Backups include sheet data, comments, and attachments.

Backups do not include reports, dashboards, formulas, workflows, cross-sheet references, formatting information or custom configurations. Workspace backups include sheet data from the workspace, not the structure of the workspace. Backups keep your data secure, however, restoring your solution will require rebuilding each Smartsheet asset.

If you want a backup copy of your data and you're on a Business or Enterprise plan, you can:

Any plan type can:

Tips for managing backup data

  • Schedule recurring weekly backups. (Business and Enterprise only)
  • Set yourself a reminder to export your data at the start or end of every workday.
  • Check with your IT department to find out what backup processes they already have in place.
  • Use File > Save as new to copy your dashboards. That way, you will have a local version with all the widgets and formulas in place, just in case. 
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