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Take action on a comment


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In the Conversations panel of a sheet or report, the comment menu will present additional actions you can perform based on whether: 

  • You own the comment, or 
  • It is contained within a thread of comments.

To apply comment actions in sheets or reports

  1. Hover over a comment, and select Menu icon .
    Image of a comment with the More Options icon highlighted
  2. Select a command from the list. 
    • Edit comment: Modify your comment
    • Email comment: Send a comment via email
    • Print comment: Print a copy of the comment thread, or save the comment thread as a PDF file
    • Delete comment: Remove the comment you added
    • Follow thread: Subscribe to a comment thread
      If you’re already subscribed to a comment thread, the option you’ll see is Unfollow thread.

Apply comment actions in workspaces

The comment actions in workspaces are slightly different:

  1. Open the Comments dialog.
  2. In the comment, select the dropdown icon. 
  3. Choose from any of these commands:
    • Email comment
    • Print comment
    • Edit comment
    • Delete comment
    • Email thread
    • Print thread
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