Jira Connector troubleshooting

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Who can use this capability

You must be a Sysadmin on Smartsheet and Jira to configure the connector. You must be a licensed Smartsheet user to create or edit a workflow. You'll also need a Jira account with access to your Jira project.

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Error: JIRA returned a not found response

Atlassian recently released Jira Software v9.0 to Data Center customers on June 15th 2022.  This version of Jira is incompatible with the Smartsheet Jira Connector.

If you upgrade to v9.0:

  • All workflows will fail and be automatically disabled.
  • An error message in the run log will read JIRA returned a not found response.
  • The field mapping page when creating or editing workflows may also show error messages.

To fix this issue, roll back to the recent version you successfully used with the Smartsheet Jira Connector.

If you are on Jira V8.4 or later there is a related feature flag that may impact the functionality of the Smartsheet Jira Connector. Check your system Data settings and ensure the “com.atlassian.jira.issue.dark.feature.createmeta.disable” dark feature is turned off.

Find more information on Atlassian on dark features here: https://confluence.atlassian.com/jirakb/enable-dark-feature-in-jira-959286331.html

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