Smartsheet for Jira: Finding and fixing workflow errors

Applies to

  • Business
  • Enterprise
Smartsheet Advance Package


Who can use this capability

You must be a Sysadmin on Smartsheet and Jira to configure the connector. You must be a licensed Smartsheet user to create or edit a workflow. You'll also need a Jira account with access to your Jira project. 

These resources can help you detect and resolve errors as you build and run workflows. 

Workflow history 

To access the Run History page:

  1. Select Dashboard from the menu (upper-left) to view the list of workflows.

    Connector Dashboard
  2. Select the timestamp under Run Date to see a workflow’s Run History page.
  3. Select the timestamp under Last Run of a specific run instance to see any error messages.
    Last Run

Sync types in your JIRA Connector workflow run history

  • Sync to Smartsheet: Workflow runs for changes from Jira that were synced to Smartsheet
  • Sync to JIRA: Workflow runs for changes from Smartsheet that were synced to JIRA
  • Filtered Row Finder: Workflow runs for changes made to any issues that should be filtered out based on your workflow configuration. Filtered Row Finder is a background process that runs every 2 hours. Filtered out issues will be added into the Filtered out by connector - not synced hierarchy in your sheet. See How to Use "Filtered Out by Connector—Not Synced" for more information.
    The Filtered Row Finder process will only run with automated workflow types. This process will run even if you have not specified filters in your workflow.

Error reports

As issues occur, error reports are sent via email to the workflow owner and to the person who edited the issue/row in the workflow that caused the problem. Here are some common errors and issues. 

Issue: Row order is not as expected

When you run an automated workflow, issues are sorted by ascending Issue Key, even if they are sorted differently in Jira. If you want to sort issues synced with an automatic workflow, use Row Grouping in your workflow.

The Filtered Row Finder process does not run for manual workflows, so you can manually sort rows in your sheet if using that workflow type.

To sort Issues manually while still using an automated workflow, sync Jira to a different sheet then use a cross-sheet index/match or vlookup formula to bring the values into your main sheet using the issue key. =INDEX({Range that contains value to return}, MATCH([Search Value]@row, {Range that contains search value}, 0))


Error: Field '<field name>' cannot be set. It is not on the appropriate screen, or unknown.

This error appears if the field value you want to set is not present on the Edit screen in Jira. Only fields on the Edit screen in Jira are editable from Smartsheet for Jira.

To resolve this issue, do either of the following:

  • Configure the Edit screen in Jira and add the specified field to the screen. For more information about Jira screens, including the steps to change the configuration, please see Defining a Screen in the Jira documentation.

  • Map the specified field in one direction only, from Jira to Smartsheet. This will create a one-way map. Any revisions you make to the fields in Smartsheet will not be written back to Jira.

Issue could not be saved to Jira

You must have write permissions to the connected Jira projects to save data to it.

Data is not removed from a sheet after filter updates

Smartsheet will not delete data pulled from Jira because each row might contain important column data, attachments, or comments.

When the Jira Issues in your sheet no longer meet the workflow filter criteria, Smartsheet creates a "Filtered out by Connector—not synced" section at the top of your sheet to retain the information that is filtered out by the Connector. Any rows which are filtered out will not sync until they meet the filter criteria again, and these rows can be deleted if your team no longer needs them included in the sheet.

See the How to Use "Filtered Out by Connector—Not Synced" article to learn more.

Error updating error column in Smartsheet

If you remove the Sync Error column from the connected sheet, you will see an error. Make sure that the sheet includes a Sync Error column; it is required. You can edit your workflow to remap the Sync Error column back to your sheet. See modifying workflow to learn more.