Mobile offline forms overview

Applies to

  • Enterprise


Who can use this capability

You must have a Smartsheet account to use the mobile app. To turn off offline form submissions in Admin Center, you must be a Smartsheet admin.

Offline Forms allows your team to access the mobile app and submit forms without an internet connection. Individuals make each form available offline in the app on their device; a sysadmin can turn the feature off in Admin Center.

With online forms enabled, you can launch the mobile app without an internet connection – if you are already signed in. In the app, users can see their Smartsheet items in Recents, Favorites, Offline, Browse, WorkApps and Notifications.

Key concepts

Offline forms are enabled in Admin Center by default, though you must open the mobile app and enable each form you want to use while offline. Do this while you have an active internet connection. 

Forms are the only feature offering offline interactivity. Any other items in the app require an active internet connection. 

All data is temporarily stored securely on the device and is not accessible outside the Smartsheet app. Any submissions made while the user is offline will submit once the user is reconnected to the internet and authenticated as an authorized user on the account. Form submissions from unauthenticated users will be rejected, and data will be removed from the device once a connection is regained.

Users can manually clear cached data or simply delete the app to remove all Smartsheet content from the device.

Learn how to use offline forms in the mobile app.