Use the template gallery to create an automated workflow

Applies to

  • Pro
  • Business
  • Enterprise


Who can use this capability

You need to be a licensed user to create or manage workflows. You can create alerts and reminders for yourself if you are a viewer or editor on the sheet. If you want to create or modify a workflow that alerts or requests action from other people, or does anything in Smartsheet (like move a row or record a date), you need Admin-level sharing permissions on the sheet.

With the sheet open:

  1. In the upper-left corner of your sheet, select Automation > Create workflow from template.
  2. Select a workflow template from the gallery and then select Use template. For this example, select Remind someone on a specific date
  3.  The trigger block defines when the workflow runs. You can send reminders on a schedule, like every Friday, or based on a date in your sheet, like three days before the due date. You can also change the trigger to respond to changes in your sheet, like when a row is added or changed.
  4. Define who should receive the reminder in the alert someone block. If you like, you can customize the subject and body of message, including adding fields to the message using {{field name}} placeholders or selecting what columns to show at the bottom of the message. 
  5. Most workflows only need a trigger and action, but you can add a condition to refine your reminders.  For example, you can set a condition to only send reminders for tasks that are not yet complete. You could also add additional actions to the workflow, like recording a date in a date column to show when the alert was sent. 
  6. Select Save in the lower-right corner of the workflow builder.

You now have a workflow that automatically reminds people when items are due.

You can also create a workflow from scratch:

  • Select Automation Create workflow, and then configure your trigger block, choose your actions, and add any conditions/condition paths.