Advanced Setup for Messenger

Applies to

Bridge by Smartsheet

With Messenger advanced setup options, you can set greeting text, enable the get started button, and set up the persistent menu.

After registering the integration via the Integrations page the following fields need to be set.

Greeting Text

The Messenger greeting text is only displayed the first time a user talks to your page.

Get Started Trigger Message

This message will be sent as a postback message to Converse to trigger a new conversation with the user based on a conversation phrase.

Persistent Menu

You are able to set up a menu that will be available to users when using Messenger. There are three types of menu items that are available to be used in the persistent menu, postback, link, and nested. All menu items types have a Title which is the menu item text that is displayed to the user.


Postback items will send a message to Converse as if the user has typed it in chat.

The Value text will be sent as a message to Converse as if it was typed by the user.


Link items will display a website link to the user.

The URL value will be the valid http or https link that will be displayed to the user.

In addition to simply opening a link to the website you can also display the website in the Messenger web view which can allow for more advanced web applications inside Messenger.

  • Extensions: Checking this will mean the website in the webview will have access to Messenger extension which allows for a more complex web application.
  • Fallback URL: Used only when Extensions is checked, this allows you to specify an alternative URL for when the user's device does not support the extensions and they can be sent to another page that will handle the user in a different way.
  • Website View: This determines how large the web view is. The options are Compact, Tall and Full.
  • Sharing: This determines if the sharing options will be available for the webview. The options are Show or Hide.


With the nested menu, you can define additional menu items that will appear as sub menu items. You are able to have three levels of menu items, the first level allowing three items and the two sub levels allowing five items, the third level only allows postback and link menu item types.