Create a Bot for Smartsheet Integration with Microsoft Teams

Applies to

Bridge by Smartsheet

Use the steps here to set up the Microsoft Teams integration.

Create a Bot in Microsoft Teams

To set up this Microsoft Teams integration in Bridge, you will first need to create a bot in your Microsoft account, here

  1. Name your bot, create a Microsoft App ID and password, and set a messaging endpoint.
  2. Get the App ID by creating a Microsoft App, and the messaging endpoint once you have registered the extension.

You will need both the Application ID (also knows as the Client ID) and Client Secret to register the extension. 

  • You will be shown your Application / Client ID when managing your Microsoft App.
  • You can create a Client Secret under Certificates & Secrets.

Set up the integration in Bridge

  1. Navigate to the Integrations page in Bridge. 
  2. Click on the Microsoft Teams image to start setup.
  3. Click Continue in the new window.
  4. In the Settings tab, expand Credentials and copy the Client ID and Client Secret
  5. Select Connect then Save.

The Messaging Endpoint will then be generated for your workspace. Use this URI as the messaging endpoint in the page where you defined the bot name.

You will now be able to chat to your bot in a direct message, but it will not be available in teams yet.

You will need to ensure that under Authentication in your Microsoft App you have selected Supported account types to be Accounts in any organizational directory so that you can reply to bots.

Share your bot

To allow your bot to chat in teams, you will need to set up a manifest and install it as a new app. The easiest way to do this is by using the App Studio and following the instructions here

You can give it the Client ID and link it to the bot or create a new one when you create the manifest.

Add or remove bot events

When you add or remove a bot from a group chat, it is possible to run a workflow that can be used to display a message from the bot to explain what it can do, or when it is removed to update another service that the bot is no longer being used by that group.

You set a workflow to invoke when the event occurs and optionally can pre-set some of the state values of the workflow

The bot added event will be able to post a new message to the group chat but the bot removed event will not be able to.