Marketo Integration Overview

Applies to

Bridge by Smartsheet

Bridge integrates Marketo with Smartsheet so you can streamline, automate, and measure marketing tasks and workflows.

Once you have the integration configured, you can:

  • Automate campaign-management-related tasks
  • Record users who complete a Smartsheet form as new leads in Marketo
  • Automatically send marketing emails to new leads 
  • Measure your company’s marketing performance
  • Streamline other marketing processes

Marketo doesn’t support folders with duplicate names in the same parent folder.

Set up the Marketo integration

  1. Navigate to the Integrations page in Bridge.

  2. To start setting up the integration, click the Marketo image.

  3. In the dialog that appears, click Continue.

  4. In the Authentication tab, enter your Marketo client ID, client secret, and identity URL.
    Marketo Authentication

  5. Click Connect, then Save.

That’s it! You're set to use Marketo in your Bridge workflows.

To authenticate with the Marketo API, you will need the following information from your Marketo account: Client ID, Client Secret, and Identity URL. Refer to Marketo’s Online Help to learn how to find this information.