Google Hangouts Chat Reference Guide

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Bridge by Smartsheet

Send Card

Send Card fields

  • Send Media As: Choose how the message should be treated in Bridge.
    • Next Question: Message will be treated as the question for the next state.
    • New Comment: Message will be treated as a comment and will not end the conversation.
    • Current Answer: Message will be treated as the answer to the current state and will end the conversation.
  • Action Response: choose how to respond to the chat user.
    • New Message: Post as a new message in the topic.
    • Update Message: Update the bot's own message (only after CARD_CLICKED events).
  • Text: The message text.
  • Preview Text: Text for generating preview chips. This text will not be displayed to the user, but any links to images, web pages, videos, etc. include here will generate preview chips.
  • Fallback Text: A plain-text description of the message's cards, used when the actual cards cannot be displayed (e.g. mobile notifications).
  • Cards: Rich, formatted and interactive cards that can be used to display UI elements such as: formatted texts, buttons, clickable images. Cards are normally displayed below the plain-text body of the message.
  • Cards Source Array: You can specify an array of objects that will be used to generate one or more cards. The first item in the cards param will be used as a template for all the generated cards and all others ignored.

Google Hangouts Send Card setup

Google Hangouts Send Card setup continued