FAQ: Resource Management Panel for Smartsheet

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Resource Management

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about the Resource Management panel.

Can we use the panel with existing projects already in progress?

Yes. You can open the panel and turn on the panel for an existing sheet, and you can connect a sheet to an existing Resource Management project. For more information, see Connect a project sheet to a Resource Management Project.

Will the panel automatically copy Smartsheet users over to Resource Management? If I add a new user to our account, do I have to set them up in one or both platforms?

Users will not be automatically set up or copied across the two platforms. Licenses and users will need to be set up in each platform separately. For assistance with setting users up in Smartsheet or Resource Management, please contact our Support team.

Why does each user have to authenticate in order to use the panel? Does this have to be done every time we connect a sheet to Resource Management?

This ensures they have the correct access and permissions in Resource Management to see and edit assignments. Authentication only needs to happen once per user. Once authenticated, users will be able to connect sheets to Resource Management with just a few clicks.

Do we have to choose between the bottom-up or top-down planning process?

No. You can mix and match or do something different. Those are just different ways of thinking about the planning process. You might do top-down for some projects, and bottom-up for others, or some combination. Projects can start in Smartsheet or Resource Management and assignments can be created in either product (or both).

With the panel, can I still use Work Item descriptions in Resource Management?

Yes, Work Item descriptions sync from Smartsheet to Resource Management . See Manage Project Resources for more information.

With the panel, can I still use sub-tasks, status and notes in Resource Management?

Yes, however, these are NOT linked in any way with content in Smartsheet. Deciding whether or not to use them may depend on your use case and where you want to track things like tasks and notes. We recommend that you track those types of details in Smartsheet and keep Resource Management high level and about the resource plan. If you make changes to your plan in the sheet and push them into Resource Management, the results may add, change, or remove assignments on your project which could overwrite sub-tasks or notes in Resource Management. 

What if we use Placeholders in Resource Management?

Once you’ve connected the Resource Management panel, you will be able to assign placeholders that you’ve set up in Resource Management as assignees directly in your project sheets. Simply click into the assignee field and select a placeholder from the dropdown list or type to search for placeholders by label, role, or discipline. Placeholders assignments will appear in the panel just like team members and can be added to Resource Management by clicking Add to Resource Management.

Resource Management supports percent, hours/day, and fixed hour allocations. How will Smartsheet and the panel support this?

Currently, Smartsheet supports percent allocation (%). All allocations in the panel will be shown as a percentage. Hourly or fixed-hour allocation can still be set in Resource Management but will be converted to the equivalent percentage when viewed in the panel. It is also possible to allocate time in hours in a sheet by creating an hours column and using a formula in the allocation column to automatically convert the hour amount into the appropriate percentage.

Can people without project manager permissions in Resource Management request resources through the panel?

This is not supported at this time.

How do I revoke Smartsheet’s access to my Resource Management Account or switch accounts?

If you want to remove your user access to the panel or switch to a different Resource Management user account, you can revoke the access token by clicking on the panel menu and choosing Revoke Resource Management. To switch to a different Resource Management account, log out of your current session, then reauthorize by clicking the Log In button in the panel. 

If you need to completely disconnect Resource Management from Smartsheet at the account level, a Resource Management admin will need to disconnect the account in Resource Management account settings by logging in to Resource Management, navigating to Settings > Account Settings, and clicking Disconnect from Smartsheet.