Overview: 10,000ft Panel for Smartsheet

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10,000ft provides the “top-down” portfolio-level resource plan and empowers organizations to strategically staff projects. Smartsheet enables the “bottom-up” detailed project breakdown and helps organizations effectively execute their projects.

The panel enables you to compare and contrast these plans so that you can understand the impact of changing project or resource schedules and keep things up-to-date with confidence.

Panel Overview

  • Connect a project sheet to a project in 10,000ft.
  • See team member availabilities and allocations from 10,000ft in Smartsheet.
  • Plan and assign people or placeholders in the sheet to specific tasks or summary rows.
    As the project plan evolves, preview the impact on resourcing and update directly from the panel

To get started, see Set up the 10,000ft Panel for Smartsheet for more information.