Archive or delete a project in Resource Management

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Resource Management

Archiving maintains all data for that project in the system, but you can no longer schedule or track additional time for that project. You can still filter on archived project data on the Project Page or in Reports.

Deleting a project or phase removes all data for that project or phase permanently. Past project data can be useful for future project planning so it’s better to archive projects. Use delete sparingly, on test projects that have no data or projects created accidentally. 

To archive or delete a project, go to the Project Settings page. 

Archive or delete project

Archiving a Project

To archive a project: 

  1. Go to the project page and then click Project Settings
  2. In the left column, under Project Settings, select Archive Project.

When you archive a project:

  • The project moves from Active Projects to Archived Projects.
  • You can no longer assign hours to the project. Future assignments for that project are removed from the Schedule and Personal Page.
  • People can’t report time for the project. 

Deleting a Project or Phase

Deleting a project permanently removes all data for that project or phase.

To delete a project you must first delete all associated time entries, expenses, assignments, and phases. Deleted projects cannot be recovered

To delete a phase, you must delete all time entries, expenses, and assignments associated with that phase. Deleted phases cannot be recovered. 

To find and delete assignments and confirmed time associated with a phase:

  1. Go to the project page. On the left sidebar, click Budget Report.
  2. First, group by Phase Name, then by Team Member.
  3. Under Show, filter by Phase Name and select the phase(s) you want to delete.
  4. Click the phase name to expand details about the date(s) of incurred or future time scheduled for that phase.
  5. In a new tab, go to the personal page for the person who’s filed time and delete any time tracked against the project/phase. Toggle between the two tabs to find the dates for the phase. Clear out the hours billed in each timesheet.

    NOTE: You must unlock approved time entries so they can be removed.
  6. Go to either the Main Schedule, Project Schedule, or Project Worklist and delete any assignments.

To find and delete expenses associated with a phase:

  1. Change the parameters of the Budget Report you created above to view Budget: Amounts.
  2. Click on a person's name to expand details about the date(s) of incurred expenses. 
  3. Manually remove expenses from the person’s Personal Page.

Expenses that have been approved must be unlocked before they can be removed.