Use Today View on Personal Page

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The Today View helps everyone know what to focus on and prioritize each day. In the Today View, you can easily see what you’re scheduled to work on and set a status against the work you’re assigned to.

If you’re assigned to work on a project, the project name will appear in bold. If you’re assigned to a phase of a project, both project name and phase name will appear in bold.

Tracking Project Status

Statuses are set within Account Settings and can be used to track how you’re tracking against the work you’ve been assigned to.

Current Work

Represented with today’s date, these are the work items you’re assigned to. Clicking on a Worklist row will open a panel for that work item. Within this panel, you can quickly see the details for the Work Item and update the status and/or tasks for that work item without navigating to the Project Page.

Next 30 Days

This section shows the work items you’ve been assigned to in the future, so you can see, at a glance, what you can anticipate working on.

Last 30 Days

This section shows your work items that were scheduled to end within the last 30 days.