Create a Report for Incomplete Timesheets

Applies to

Resource Management

Time has different states in Resource Management. Time can be:

  • Suggested or unconfirmed: Time scheduled but not submitted; the person has not entered scheduled time into timesheets. 
  • Confirmed: Time entered into timesheets.

In reports, you can see time in either or both states.

To see a report for people who have not updated their timesheets, review Unconfirmed time for the week. To see who has updated their time sheets, review Confirmed hours.

To find people who haven't updated their timesheets:

On the top of the screen, click Analytics and use the following settings to create your report. 

  • View: Time and Fees (hours)
  • Time Frame: This week (or whatever duration is desired)
  • First Group by: Team Member
  • Then Group by: Project
  • Show: Time Entry Type: Unconfirmed

Click Save this report so you can access it whenever you need it.