Create Report for Incomplete Timesheets

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Time has a few different “states” in 10,000ft. You can always see reports on time in various states across your account. Time can be:

  • Suggested or unconfirmed: this is the time that is scheduled for people on the Schedule or
  • Confirmed: this is time that people enter into their time sheet showing what they actually did.

In reports you can see time for a project in both states – Confirmed or Unconfirmed.

If you want to see a report for people who did not do their timesheets, you will need to review Unconfirmed time for the week. This means that they were scheduled to work on a project and they didn’t enter any time. If you want to see who has already done their time sheets, you can review Confirmed hours for the week.

How to run a report to find who didn’t do their timesheet:

  • View – Time and Fees (hours)
  • Time Frame – This week (or whatever duration is desired)
  • First Group by – Team Member
  • Then Group by – Project
  • Show – Time Entry Type: Unconfirmed
  • Now Save this report so you don’t have to filter again.