Troubleshoot Issues With Proofing

The proofing capability allows people to review and collaborate on content. In some instances, you may find that you're unable to do things in sheets on which the proofing capability is enabled that you can do in sheets that do not have proofing enabled.

Who can use this capability

Permission requirements icon Licensed users with Owner or Admin permissions can enable the proofing capability on a sheet. Any licensed user with Owner, Admin or Editor permissions can upload a proof for review.

Note that any user type (including free users) can review and provide feedback on a proof. For more information about user types in Smartsheet, see Account-Level User Types for Multi-User Plans.

Plan availability icon Proofing is available with Business and Enterprise plans.

Unable to automatically move or copy a row when proofing is enabled

If you attempt to use an automated workflow to move or copy a row when proofing is enabled on the sheet, you will see the following message in the workflow editor:

To save this workflow, disable proofing on this sheet. Otherwise, select a different destination sheet.

In order to use Move row or Copy row, disable proofing on the source sheet. For more information about the move row automated action, see Automatically Move Rows Between Sheets.

Unable to manually move a row with a proof

If a row includes a proof, you will not be able to move it by selecting the "Move to Another Sheet..." command in the row menu.

In each of the above cases, you can instead use keyboard shortcuts to cut and paste data from one sheet to another.

NOTE: This behavior also applies to actions taken with the Smartsheet API. That is, it is not possible to move a row that includes a proof using the API.

Copied row does not include proof

While it is possible to copy a row that includes a proof from one sheet to another, the proof will be omitted from the copied row on the destination sheet.