Automatically Move Rows Between Sheets

With the Move rows action-type, you can automatically move a row to another sheet when conditions are met. Here’s an example:

  1. A procurement request is submitted to your sheet through a form.
  2. After adding details to the request, you assign this request to your IT team.
  3. The IT manager approves the request.
  4. The row containing the procurement request is automatically moved to an active IT project sheet for further action.

Who can use this capability

Permission requirements icon Owners and sheet Admins (who are also licensed users) on both the source and destination sheets can create an automated move rows action. Anyone who can make edits to the sheet (either directly, through a report, or through an update or approval request) can potentially trigger an automated move rows action.

Plan availability icon All plan types

Note: If you attempt to move a row on a sheet that includes a proof, you will receive an error stating, "Rows can't be moved to the destination sheet. The destination sheet may have been deleted or its access permissions changed. To continue, select another destination sheet." See Troubleshoot Issues with Proofing for more  information. 


Set up an automated move rows action

In your source sheet:

  1. Create a new workflow by selecting Automation > Create a Workflow. (For more information about creating workflows, see Save Time and Work Faster With Automated Workflows.)
  2. Under Select an action, select Move rows.

    Workflow action block image
  3. Under Move rows, choose Select a sheet.

    The Select a sheet window appears.

    select a sheet image
  4. Choose your destination sheet, then click OK.

Now that you’ve added the move rows action to your workflow, you can save it. You can also add conditions, change the workflow trigger, and make further changes to other aspects of the workflow if needed.

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