Have Multiple Forms Submit to a Single Sheet

Smartsheet Forms help you collect, consistent and organized data from anyone, anywhere. Gather information from different groups of people and review all of that information in one place by creating multiple forms with a single sheet as the source. 

Who can use this capability?

role types icon Licensed users who are the sheet Owner or sheet Admins can create and edit forms (Not sure whether you have a license? See Identify Your Smartsheet Plan and User Type.)
plan type icon Individual, Business, Enterprise, and Premier accounts

Here are a few examples of solutions made better with multiple forms flowing into a sheet:

  • Automatically organize vacation requests by team
  • Quickly visualize proposed marketing calendar ideas by content type
  • Track and automatically assign opportunities to owners based on location
  • Analyze and respond to  job applicants with personalized messages based on the source they applied from

You can also use default and hidden fields to organize and streamline the information submitted from different forms. (Details on this are referenced below.)

Create Your Forms

In the source sheet (the sheet that you want the data to be stored):

  1. Click Forms > Create Form on the menu bar at the top of the Smartsheet window.
  2. Configure your form with the desired fields and other information (including giving your form a name). 

    For details on form set up, see Collect Information With a Form.
  3. To keep track of which form was used to submit the data to the source sheet, add a hidden field to the form with a unique default value. Hidden fields are only visible once submitted to the source sheet.

    (More on hidden fields and default values here.)
  4. When you’ve finished setting up your form, click Save and Preview.

Repeat the above process for all of your desired forms—making sure to add the same hidden field but include a different default value that is unique to that form.

Edit Your Forms

You can change the arrangement of fields in your form, field descriptions, and more in your forms at any time without having to change the URL of the form. More information on how to do this is available here.

Distribute Your Forms

Here’s how you can share the unique URL of your forms out to your team to give people an opportunity to submit.

Shortening or customizing the unique URL of a form isn’t supported at this time.

In your sheet:

  1. Click Forms > Manage Forms.
  2. Choose how you want to share your form URL:
    • Email from Smartsheet—click the Envelope Icon and type your recipients, then click Send.
    • Copy and Paste—you can select the URL and copy and paste (using keyboard commands) to send the direct link to people
    • Embed Code (to embed the form directly into a web content widget or your site)—click the down-arrow and select Get Embed Code. Then copy and paste that code as needed.
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