Create Jira issues in Smartsheet

Applies to

Smartsheet Advance Package


Who can use this capability

People with a Smartsheet account that have activated the Jira Connector can create and sync Jira issues to Smartsheet. Individuals must be granted access to the Jira Connector by Smartsheet SysAdmins or Connector Admins. For more information on Jira Connector permissions, see Smartsheet for Jira: Creating and Editing Synchronization Workflows.

The  Smartsheet for Jira Connector allows you to create new issues in Jira without having to leave Smartsheet. Issues created from Smartsheet populate in Jira when your workflows sync.

You can create these Jira issue types from Smartsheet:

  • Story
  • Task
  • Bug
  • Sub-task


Create a workflow in the Smartsheet for Jira Connector and make sure required fields for the Jira issues are mapped to the sheet in your Jira Connector workflow. Ensure other fields you want to include when creating issues are available in the Create Issue Screen for the Issue Type in Jira.

Create Jira Issues from Smartsheet

With your sheet open in Smartsheet:

  1. In a new row in the sheet, enter the relevant information for your new Jira issue into the mapped columns. To create a Sub-task issue type, indent the new row under the parent row.
  2. Save the sheet.

The next time your Jira Connector workflow syncs, you will see newly created issues in Jira. In the sheet, you'll see the new Issue Key with a hyperlink to that issue in Jira.

Tips for entering Jira issues in Smartsheet 

  • When creating issues in a sheet mapped to multiple Jira projects, the Project Key field is required. If you create a new issue from a sheet you mapped to multiple projects and don’t include the Project Key, you’ll see an error in the sheet.
  • You can only create new Jira issues in the sheet with bidirectional or unidirectional workflows.
  • With manual workflows, newly created issues sync the next time you run the workflow.