Streamline Jira Issue Creation From Smartsheet

Using the Smartsheet for Jira Connector, you can new issues to Jira without having to leave Smartsheet. Issues created from Smartsheet populate in Jira when your workflows sync. The following Jira issue types can be created from Smartsheet: 

  • Epic 
  • Story
  • Task
  • Bug

You can’t create Jira Sub-Tasks from Smartsheet. If you attempt to create a Sub-Task from Smartsheet, you’ll see the following error message in the Sync Status column of your sheet.

sync error

Before You Begin

Before you create new Jira issues from your sheet in Smartsheet, check the following:

  • You'll need to create a workflow in the Smartsheet for Jira Connector. (Details on Creating Workflows.)
  • Make sure that required fields for the Jira issues you want to create have been mapped to the sheet in your Jira Connector workflow. For example, since Epic Name and Summary fields are required for Epic issue types in Jira by default, those fields need to be mapped in your workflow to create Epics from Smartsheet.
  • Make sure other fields you want to include when creating issues from Smartsheet are present in the Create Issue Screen for the Issue Type in Jira.

Create Jira Issues From Smartsheet

With your sheet open in Smartsheet:

  1. Create a sync workflow in the Jira Connector, keeping in mind the information from the Before You Begin section above.
  2. Type the relevant information for your new Jira issue into the mapped fields in your sheet.
  3. Save the sheet.

If there is a problem creating the new issue, you will see an error in the sheet with details on why the issue couldn’t be created.

The next time your Jira Connector workflow syncs, you should see your newly created issues in Jira. When a new Jira issue has been created successfully, you’ll see the new Issue Key with a hyperlink to that issue in Jira appear in the sheet.

Sync Behavior and Further Requirements

Here are things to keep in mind when creating Jira issues from Smartsheet:

  • When creating issues from a sheet that is mapped to multiple projects in Jira, including the Project Key field is a requirement. If you create a new issue from a sheet mapped to multiple projects and don’t include the Project Key, you’ll see an error in the sheet.
  • New Jira issues can only be created when using bidirectional or unidirectional Smartsheet-to-Jira workflow types.
  • If using a manual workflow, newly created issues will sync the next time the workflow is manually run.


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