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Center of Excellence Overview

Choose from a number of options and paths to become a work management expert—on your own time, at your own pace.

With your Center of Excellence subscription, you will have unlimited access to: 

  • Smartsheet Foundations: A series of interactive courses designed to help you and your team learn how to build solutions using Smartsheet. With a combination of simulation, video, and hands-on exercises, you'll learn the basics of Smartsheet and how to incorporate them in your day-to-day work. 

  • Product Certification: Get your Product Certification to demonstrate your competency and elevate your status among our users.

  • Continuing Education: Enjoy exclusive access to our full library of training videos to learn everything you need to know about Smartsheet. New content is regularly available, the perfect way to keep your work management skills and techniques current.

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Quick Facts

  • $199 for access to instructional content and certification exam
  • Unlimited access to content library and new trainings for one year
  • Smartsheet license required for participation 

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Center of Excellence FAQ

How long will I have access to the Center of Excellence subscription?

Center of Excellence is an annual subscription and the subscription date will begin on the purchase date. You will be provided with a unique access code that gives you immediate access to the subscription.

What is included in the Center of Excellence subscription?

Center of Excellence includes Smartsheet Foundations, Product Certification User Exam, and continuing education through our content library. To see the training we offer in the Center of Excellence subscription, visit

Can I purchase the Product Certification exam on my own?

Yes, you can purchase the Product Certification exam a la carte.  Click here for more information. 

Why do you charge for Center of Excellence?

Center of Excellence aims to engage users through experiential learning. The activities are designed to walk users through the core features of Smartsheet and ultimately help them use these features to build out work processes. 

At Smartsheet, we offer a variety of training options to meet the various needs and learning styles of our customers. We do offer support through our free Learning Center

Can I purchase multiple Center of Excellence subscriptions?

Yes, you can purchase more than one Center of Excellence subscription, and your access code will be valid for the selected number of enrollments. The access code will allow access to the Center of Excellence subscription for one year. The subscription begins on the purchase date, and you will receive immediate access to the subscription by applying the access code to your account. The expiration date will not be affected based on when others redeem their Center of Excellence subscriptions. 

If you are interested in group pricing, please contact our Sales Team at

Can I align my Center of Excellence subscription dates with the Smartsheet license dates?

Yes, when you purchase Center of Excellence for all licensed users of your Smartsheet Team, Business, or Enterprise account, our sales team can align your subscription dates with your license dates and offer prorated pricing for the remainder of your term. For more information, please contact our sales team at

Can multiple people share a Center of Excellence subscription?

A subscription is designed to be completed by an individual Smartsheet user. In order to participate fully in the activities, each user will need to have a separate Smartsheet license. The certificate of completion and certification is linked to the individual participant.

Is the Access Code restricted to the licensed users on my Smartsheet account?

Access codes are generated randomly with a set of numbers and letters. The code can be used by anyone with a Smartsheet account, whether they are within or without your organization or Smartsheet plan. Contact us at if you'd like to revoke or reassign access to Center of Excellence. 

Someone has left my company and I want to allocate the Center of Excellence license to someone else. How do I do that?

Please reach out to for any Center of Excellence subscription transfers. We will need to know the names and email addresses of the person currently enrolled and the person taking over that license. The new user should already be provisioned as a Smartsheet licensed user by your Smartsheet account SysAdmin.