Apply Colors and Logo Branding to a Workspace

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Who can use this capability?

Permission requirements iconThe workspace Owner or anyone with Admin-level sharing permissions to the workspace can change the colors and logo to brand all items that are in the workspace.

When you create a workspace, it will inherit the color settings and logo (details on these in the Color and Logo article) in your organization at the time.

It is possible to change the colors and logo to brand all items that are in the workspace: you can customize the background, task bar color, and the logo that appears in the upper-right corner of items in the workspace.

This feature is not available for single-user plan types. Not sure which plan type you have? See Identify Your Smartsheet Plan and User Type.

To apply custom colors and branding to a workspace:

  1. From Home in the left panel, locate and right-click on the workspace that you want to brand.
  2. Select Workspace Colors & Logo.
  3. Choose your desired theme or use color codes to set individual color properties.
  4. Click Select to upload your logo image.